Industry and Application

Different industries have to face different challenges in technology and manufacturing. If we want to produce quality win, customer oriented products, it means that we must constantly optimize the product quality inspection program in the actual operation. We will provide you with customized and perfect product quality testing solutions according to the requirements and different projects and requirements. Application scheme of potassium phosphite Potassium phosphite is not only a phosphorus and potassium fertilizer of 3+ phosphorus, but also a kind of internal bactericidal agent. Repeated use will not produce resistance. That is a kind of fungicide, is also a kind of foliar fertilizer. The action of potassium phosphite Regulation of stomatal closure in plants. The promotion of new shoots of mature fruit and turn green. (3) potassium phosphite has the ability of internal absorption (which can be transmitted up and down in plants). It has the function of protection, treatment and eradication, and can be mixed with other compounds (including copper agent). 4. Application of root can release calcium, zinc, iron and other elements in the soil, loosen soil, increase permeability, improve the rhizosphere environment, which is conducive to the healthy and healthy growth of crops; The use of potassium phosphite can promote plant robustness, effectively control the apical advantage, avoid excessive vegetative growth, make the flower buds plump, flower spend more strong, fruit set rate and quality significantly improved; The rich in biological stimulation at phosphate application, can stimulate the crops to produce polyphenols and reactive oxygen species (ROS), stimulate the defensive enzyme system, the common blight, downy mildew, root rot, late blight and other fungal and viral diseases have a good effect of prevention and treatment, regular use, crop disease resistance the inverse ability is greatly improved. Action mechanism (1) direct attacking pathogens and inducing crops to produce toxic substances (PA) to pathogens (2) it can induce the disease resistance signal of crops, transmit to other cells that haven't been attacked, and start the defense system Third, induced lignin, increased cell wall thickness. Safety of mixed potassium phosphite (1) potassium phosphite mixed well, can be used together with copper agent, will not produce precipitation and phytotoxicity; The potassium dihydrogen phosphate and trace elements in common fertilizer (sugar alcohol, calcium nitrate) arbitrary mix, easy to use; The potassium phosphite can accelerate the aging of new shoots, in spring shoots and fruit period of drug safety, will not cause injury to the young fruit. (4) the effect of potassium phosphite on prevention of ulcer disease is remarkable, and the prevention effect of singles is obvious. If the ulcer disease broke out seriously, it should be used together with copper agent. Usage and explanation Potassium phosphite is widely used in eggplants, rhizomes, leafy vegetables, melons and fruits, cereals and oils and other crops; (2) applying 50% liquid 3000ml per mu per mu; The drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, watering root per every 50% liquid 1000-2000ml; Treatment of disease, diluted 200-300 times irrigation root; Foliar application diluted 600-1000 times