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Dibasic Sodium Phosphate synopsis

hydrogen phosphite two Na [1]   is a white orthorhombic crystalline powder. The neutralization reaction of phosphite with hydrogen and oxygen is carried out by concentrating, cooling crystallization and separating solid and liquid rain. Common reducing agents.
melting point 53} o soluble in water. "Insoluble dry alcohol, ammonia water" lost 5 crystalline water to anhydrous when heated to 120 degrees centigrade. It becomes sodium pyrophosphate when the temperature is above 200 degrees centigrade. Strong reducibility. Metals can be precipitated from a variety of metallic salt solutions. Tidal solution.
Hydrogen phosphite two sodium phosphate is a new product, used in the field of chemical engineering and materials widely, mainly used as a reducing agent, reducing ratio of sodium hypophosphite is weak, the gold and silver, mercury, nickel, chromium, cobalt and other metal salt reduction of the corresponding metal, is widely used in chemical plating. Because the sodium hypophosphite is not stable, heating explosive, damp or heated easily produced from the decomposition of a flammable and toxic gas PH3, there is a certain danger in the application process, the chemical reaction in some weak reductive reagent, two sodium hydrogen phosphite can replace a sodium phosphate, which can meet the weak the reduction of demand, but also has good stability and security; two sodium hydrogen phosphite can be used as antioxidants for textile finishing and pharmaceutical industries; also because of its preservation and antibacterial effect, can be used as a food additive. In addition, the application of sodium hydrogen phosphite two in microporous materials is also the focus of today's research.