Potassium phosphite
Product name Potassium phosphite No. CAS 13492-26-7 HS encoding Twenty-eight million three hundred and fifty-one thousand Molecular formula K2HPO3 molecular weight One hundred and fifty-eight quality index project Solid index Liquid index Appearance White powder Colorless Transparent Liquid The content is more than% Ninety-eight 50 + 0.5 P2O5 =% Forty-four Twenty-three K2O =% Fifty-eight Twenty-nine Chloride (Cl)% Zero point zero one Zero point one Water insoluble% Zero point three Zero point five Iron (Fe)% Zero Point Zero Zero Five Zero Point Zero Zero Five Heavy metal (Pb)% Zero Point Zero Zero Zero Five Zero point zero zero one PH value 9 + 0.2 From 7 to 9 Product use 1, potassium phosphite is an environmentally friendly and efficient fertilizer, is an important component of new liquid foliar fertilizer formula. 2. Potassium phosphite has a good inhibitory effect on fungal diseases such as Phytophthora, downy mildew and powdery mildew, and can induce continuous immunity to pathogens and viruses in crops. In potato cultivation, application of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, has a very good effect. The important role of potassium dihydrogen phosphate in plant disease resistance is mainly manifested in the following aspects: when pathogens invade, seedlings can induce cells to produce lignin, increasing the thickness of cell walls, so that it becomes hard and firm, the pathogen is confined to the cell wall, single cell or tissue, and thereby prevent further invasion and the extension; potassium phosphite can directly attack pathogens and induce plants to produce toxic substances to protect against the virus - (PA), inhibition and killing effect on bacteria, therefore, to defend the hormone synthesis and accumulation is an important defense responses of plants; the invasion of bacteria under control after potassium phosphite a crop can induce disease resistance signal, transmitted to the other has not yet received the attack the cells start the defense system, then caused the resistance to the same pathogen or other pathogens in the whole plant The disease resistance of the system was obtained. Packing Solid: woven bags